Súmate, Operación Solidaria

‘Súmate, Operación Solidaria’ is donated over 200 tonnes of basic goods




1 October 2020


The initiative ‘Súmate, Operación Solidaria’ (or S.O.S, which translates as ‘Join in, Operation Support’) continues to make progress with its goal of helping those who are suffering the serious social and economic impacts of Covid-19 and encountering difficulties in accessing basic foodstuffs.

Since this programme was implemented in May, some 218 tonnes of basic products have been delivered and promised through the Food Bank, Cáritas Diocesana charity and Spain’s Red Cross, all in the region of Madrid. These deliveries have contributed to feeding 2,100 families for a month.

To date, this initiative has benefitted from the support of Acesur-Coosur, Adam Foods, Apple Leisure Group, Applus, Cerealto Siro, Corporación Financiera Alba, El Pozo, GBfoods, Incarlopsa, Jealsa, Mutua Madrileña and Tendam, among other companies, who have contributed with products, donations in kind, transport and logistics services and financing. Oil, rice, sugar, biscuits, pasta, baby food, pulses, meat products and canned fish and vegetables are some of the items that the social entities have identified as most vital.

‘Súmate, Operación Solidaria’ (S.O.S) fosters the improvement of coordination between private companies, the public sector and the general public to respond to basic food needs, which are expected to increase in the coming months.






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