Real Estate

General information

Alba’s Real Estate activities mainly consist of investments in top-tier office buildings in prime downtown or suburban business locations, strongly focused on the city of Madrid.

The company’s Real Estate business is based on the rent operation of all of these buildings, seeking to optimise their yield and managing the commercial, administrative and technical aspects of these financial-property activities, paying special attention to the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the buildings.

Castellana 89

Paseo de la Castellana, 89 Madrid

Area 20,120 m2

Purpose Oficinas - Comercial

Castellana 42

Paseo de la castellana 42

Area 4,777 m2

Purpose Oicinas

Castellana 44

Paseo de la Castellana, 44 Madrid

Area 6,090 m2

Purpose Oficinas

Castello 74

C/ Castello, 74 Madrid

Area 720 m2

Purpose Oficinas


C/ Basauri 17, Madrid

Area 10,463 m2

Purpose Oficinas-Trasteros

La granja 8

C/ La granja, 8 Alcobendas

Area 1,921 m2

Purpose Oficinas

La granja 8 Nave

C/ La granja, 8 Alcobendas

Area 6,681 m2

Purpose Industrial - Oficinas

Lagasca 88

C/ Lagasca, 88 Madrid

Area m2

Purpose Aparcamiento

Edificio Masters

Avenida del General Peron 38 Madrid

Area 3,264 m2

Purpose Oficinas



    Castelló, 77-5ª planta, 28006 – MADRID

    +34 91 436 37 10

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