Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio: overall perspective

Corporación Financiera Alba manages a selected portfolio of listed and non-listed companies. Additionally, Alba channels its investments in private companies of smaller scale in Spain and Portugal through Artá Capital SGEIC, mainly participated by Alba.


Listed equity investments

Alba’s listed investees are all headquartered in Spain, with the exception of Befesa, which is a Luxembourg company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Acerinox is one of the main stainless steel producers worldwide. Since its establishment, the company has carried out a constant investment program, developing in-house technological innovations that, in some cases, have become a milestone within the stainless steel technology.

The company has four flat product plants (Spain, United States, South Africa and Malaysia), three long product plants (Roldán and Inoxfil in Spain and NAS Long Products in the United States) and an extensive sales network, with warehouses and service centres in more than 35 countries.

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Multinational food company operating in the rice and pasta sectors.

The Company has a sales or manufacturing presence in more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa through an extensive network of subsidiaries and brands, positioning itself as the world leader in the rice sector and the world’s second largest pasta manufacturer.

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Viscofan is the world leader in artificial casings for meat products, being the only worldwide manufacturer that produces all the categories of casing products (cellulose, collagen, fibrous and plastic). It controls a network of production sites in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

Additionally, it also has cogeneration plants in Spain and Mexico.

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International industrial group that supplies components and sub-assemblies for the global automotive market, basing its actions on the use of complementary technologies and various associated processes.

CIE Automotive designs and manufactures components and sub-assemblies globally, in around 100 production sites. Additionally, the Company has developed its expertise know how in various technologies and materials so it can fulfil its customer needs on the most suitable way possible.

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Spanish-based international integrated gas and electricity utility company. It operates in over 30 countries, with a strong presence in Spain and Latin America, and is present in both regulated and liberalised businesses.

The Company is the third largest utility in Spain and the largest LNG operator in the Atlantic basin.

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Proveedor global de servicios multitécnicos y de soluciones de ingeniería especializada, que combina conocimiento, tecnología e innovación para ayudar a sus clientes a hacer sus procesos productivos más eficientes, ya sea a través del outsourcing completo de los mismos (“Servicios”) o por la aplicación de soluciones basadas en tecnologías especializadas y plataformas (“Soluciones”).

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Befesa is one of the leading companies in the waste recycling services sector. Its activity is mainly related to the collection and recycling of steel dust and aluminium residues. The company is also involved in industrial services, logistics and the treatment of hazardous waste. Befesa is headquartered in Luxembourg and listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Technoprobe is a world-leading Italian company in the design and manufacture of probe cards. It has a solid business model, based on a strong technological component, and a high internationalization.

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Main investment criteria:

  • Leading companies with a proven competitive advantage and ability to create value in the long term.
  • Solid shareholders/partners and management teams, friendly to and aligned with Alba’s interests.
  • Sound and stable financial situation.
  • Important and growing international exposure.
  • Lack of competition with companies or businesses of companies already in Alba’s portfolio.
  • Alba requires having presence in the Board of Directors and is a long term shareholder.


Unlisted equity investments

Corporación Financiera Alba manages a portfolio of private companies located in Spain and internationally. As part of its investment strategy, Alba may continue to invest in private companies that does not comply with Artá Capital’s investment criteria due to, for instance, the size of the investment ticket, the stage of the business or the company not being headquartered in Spain or Portugal.

Artá Capital SGEIC, S.A., it´s mainly founded by Alba and its management team. It manages two investment funds: Artá Capital Fund I (c. 400 M€; in divestment period) and Artá Capital Fund II (c. 400 M€; in investment period). Both vehicles are focused on minority and majority (only Fund II) stakes of growth capital in mid-size Iberian unlisted companies. Alba has committed a total amount of 500 M€ in both funds, while the rest of the capital has been allocated by third party investors.

Real estate

Real Estate activities mainly consist of investments in top-tier office buildings in prime downtown or suburban business locations, strongly focused on the city of Madrid.

This business area focuses on the rent operation of all our office buildings, seeking to optimise their yield by managing the commercial, administrative and technical aspects of the properties.


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