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Since its inception, Corporación Financiera Alba has oriented its investment activity towards adding value supported by a profitable growth model sustainable in the long term, with a prudent policy of risk diversification and low indebtedness.

Consequently, Alba invests in leading companies, with a solid management team, a strong and flexible financial situation and a proven competitive advantage.

In line with its investment strategy, Alba pursues to be a long term partner with strong commitment with the existing shareholders and the management team. Additionally, the experience and reputation gained by Alba during over 30 years of investment activity allows it to add value to its investee companies from its position as minority relevant shareholder and its active participation in the Board of Directors and other company committees.

According to its Articles of Association, Corporacion Financiera Alba may carry out investments in any geography, sector and financial asset. However, Alba has tended to concentrate its investment in a relatively limited number of companies, listed or not, in which it has hold a significant minority stake. Its investments have been mainly focused on Spanish incorporated companies but, currently, its widening its investment universe to businesses headquartered abroad.

Alba’s investment portfolio tends to be moderately concentrated and stable in the medium term. This is caused by Alba’s long term investment philosophy and the relevant presence of a limited number of companies that represent an important portion of its NAV. Nevertheless, Alba has historically reallocated its assets within its investment portfolio in a gradual non-traumatic manner, leaving sectors that had been traditionally core for the company to enter into new ones that are perceived as more attractive and with a higher potential.



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